New Songs, New Lyrics, New Shows

My first CD is nearly done and I'm getting excited!  I wrote and recorded the last two songs, North to Denver and Sierras and the Rockies, in November and now Butch Hause at The Ranger Station is adding some bass lines and mixing!  Look for it here and on Facebook in January!

Find the lyrics to both of these new songs on the lyrics page of the website.  North to Denver is an epic ballad... 6 minutes!  Sierras and the Rockies is a song about my mom, and the story deserves it's own blog post :)

I have also added a new show on January 2nd in Torrington, Wyoming for the WSRRA New Year's Bronc Bash.  I will be singing our National Anthem and playing some cowboy tunes before the event.  Come on out!


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