Thank you 2015

The year is winding down.  I used to spend the last hours of each year writing in my journal and reminiscing about my year.  Tonight I'll be out ringing in the new year with some dear friends!  But here's my journal entry for all to see...

When I think back on the year I think THANKFUL. 

It hasn't been the easiest year.  I've had my fair share of emotional turmoil, and my family has darn sure had a tough run of luck.  Back in August my mom and I were doctoring a foot rot calf and she broke her ankle when he fell over on it.  It's a long story but the main point is that suddenly she was having big time surgery and unable to help on the ranch or even do much housework for 6 weeks while she was on crutches.  Then it got infected... then she had another surgery... and just this week she had a third surgery to remove infection.  We are waiting to hear if she'll need a bone graft.  Then a month later we came home to find my 89-year-old dad on the floor.  He fell and didn't call anyone for help even though he had his phone with him.  He spent 6 weeks in a rehab facility and still isn't ok.  We aren't sure what happened with his brain and body that day.

So it's been a little rough!  But it's also been an unbelievably great year.

- I finally finished my first CD!  It was a labor of love.  I now try and buy CDs directly from artists to support them because I understand that part of your soul goes into a record and you should be fairly compensated.

- I was an invited performer at the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering and had an absolute blast!  I had planned to write a whole series of blog posts on that experience but you know how plans go...

- My CD was reviewed in Western Horseman which was so cool.

- I got to sing at gatherings, bronc ridings, brandings, funerals, weddings, fairs, opera houses, lawns, living rooms, bars, and in a wagon in a parade.  I met a ton of cool new people who will enrich my life!  I sang in Nevada, Wyoming, Colorado, South Dakota, and Ohio.

- I ate delicious food at great restaurants with great people.  I saw great concerts!  I learned about new music that makes me feel with every fiber of my being.  You know that gritty, gets right down in your soul music!

- I improved my roping.  Some of my good friends helped me out by teaching me to tie off, giving me tips, and just being flat out patient with my misses.   When I got frustrated they reminded me of the things I'm good at.  Thanks guys!

- My family may have felt better but we are all ALIVE.  And when I see the blizzards down south and the tornadoes and floods I feel so incredibly lucky to go out in -30 degree weather to feed our fluffy mountain cows who can manage because this isn't that bad.  I hope the ranchers in disaster areas are able to pick up the pieces and go on... it just breaks my heart.

- As always, I learned new things and grew.  I made some BIG mistakes.  I made some poor choices.  But I'm in a different place than I was at this time last year. 

Bring it on 2016!  I can't WAIT!